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Mining industry

Insights into individual sub-divisions within the mining industry, analysing trends, drivers, challenges, and opportunities. 

Focusing on skills development, workforce retention and re-skilling in the future

To sustain its beneficial contribution to the Australian economy, the mining sector must maintain a proficient and inspired workforce influenced by general economic factors and industry-specific considerations.

Changing societal standards about workplace behaviour and concerns about environmental and social impacts influence people's views of the mining industry. The industry will need to focus on prioritising cultural and environmental responsibility to meet its workforce requirements.

By increasing women's participation, the industry can access a broader range of talents to help fill existing skill gaps. Creating an inclusive environment brings diverse viewpoints and ideas, enhancing the industry's ability to meet its challenges. 

Mining industry snapshot

Sources: ABS Detailed Labour Force Survey (Table EQ06), February 2024 | ABS Table Builder 2021 Census - employment, income and education | ABS Table Builder 2021 Census - employment, income and education

Vocational education and training is crucial for the mining industry's success

The industry's success relies on attracting and keeping apprentices, with employers playing a pivotal role in helping them learn and succeed. Data shows the level of apprentice and trainee dropout rates is concerning.

Many in the mining industry worry apprentices are not receiving enough mentoring and coaching due to skill shortages. This issue also affects newly promoted workers, who advance quickly but may need more support to succeed.

Training providers and industry report that a lack of trainers limits their ability to meet the industry's training needs.

RII Training Package Enrolment Data 2022

The following NCVER data shows enrolment data for the RII training package under AUSMASA's remit as at 2022 - the most current enrolment statistics available. We will update the following data when the 2023 enrolment data becomes available. 

Source: VOCSTATS,, 'Total VET students and courses' extracted on 22/02/2024