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Workforce planning for the mining and automotive industries

Read about the workforce challenges facing the automotive industry and mining industry in our Workforce Plan.

Identifying workforce challenges and opportunities in the mining and automotive industries.

The mining and automotive industries are critical to the Australian economy and to Australia’s commitment to transition to net zero. These industries need highly skilled workforces to thrive.

Our Initial Workforce Plan, The Future is Now, outlines the current and future workforce challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry and the mining industry. 

The information is based on labour market trends, national data and, most importantly, on-the-ground insight from industry.


Workforce Planning & Industry Stewardship

We work closely with industry, unions, the education sector and government via direct engagement, forums, open consultations, roundtables, strategic workforce advisory panels and more, to develop our workforce plan and industry stewardship initiatives.

Workforce Plan 2024 is coming soon

Our 2024 Workforce Plan is almost here! We can't wait to share the key findings that will help drive positive change in the mining and automotive industries. Stay tuned.

Overall industry snapshot

Sources: ABS Detailed Labour Force Survey (Table EQ06), February 2024 | ABS Table Builder 2021 Census - employment, income and education | ABS Table Builder 2021 Census - employment, income and education

Key priorities

for both industries

Greater gender diversity
Data from Jobs and Skills Australia shows less than 20% of mining and automotive industry workers are female. A key priority is for both industries is to attract a more diverse workforce, while also tackling workforce shortages.

Improving retention and completion rates
How can RTOs and industry find ways to support higher completion rates in mining and automotive apprenticeships and traineeships? 

Skills mapping
We want to know more about the current skills landscape in the automotive and mining sectors. What are the key roles? What skills will be required in the future? We plan to deep dive into the data.